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  • $ 29.99

Feel the exhilaration of watching the birth of your very own cultured freshwater pearl. 

Watch here

Fun and exciting! Before opening the shell,  you don't know which color pearl you will get, this is the surprise! 

The inside pearl color is a random delivery from Mother Nature just for you. Upon its opening, you will discover white, peach, cream, gold, or purple. You can even get twins or triplets! So much fun and excitement. Can you feel it?

Pearls measure anywhere from 5-9mm in size

An excellent gift for a loved one. I can assure you she is dying to be part of this experience. 

 No long waiting to enjoy your necklace! Get your purchase in one week after the show. 

I can open the shell for you (during our Facebook live show) or you can open it yourself at the comfort of your home.  To participate in our Facebook show. Select your pearl pendant, ring or keychain from our silver plated, rhodium plated or sterling silver. Choose the day and you will discover a gorgeous pearl.

Select from the list-  All necklaces include a shell opening to reveal your pearl birth. 

1 silver plated Pendant with Stainless Steel Chain- $29.99

1 rhodium plated Pendant with Stainless Steel Chain- $29.99

1 rose tone Pendant and 14kt rose gold plated chain -$45 - limited availability 

1 925 silver pendant with 925 Silver chain -$50

Why this low prices comparing with others... can you imagine buy silver plated for $67.00 no way! 

I buy directly from the wholesalers! 

💫👉🏼To select your Pendant go  here - no extra cost- use code Booked at checkout- to adjust the price

Pearl Party live Games - select here - add more fun to your selection- additional cost- use coupon code - Morefun - for 10% off when you book to participate in live show and game. 

Private Parties- Get your exclusive online pearl party with your besties or squad. Get exclusive pendants, prices, and gifts for you and your squad. Including free shell opening and more surprises.  Your friends can be anywhere in the USA! You can create a fundraising party with this option- send me a message to organize with you. 

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Disclaimer: you are buying the jewelry and get a free shell opening to reveal a cultured freshwater pearl in our live show.  Our freshwater pearls can range anywhere from 0 to 100 dollars depending on size, color, and luster. We can't offer and estimated value of the pearl because we are not experts or certified to do so.

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