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DTailsULike Story

Founded in 2012 to empower women to enjoy their uniqueness and beautiful style.  Jennifer DV is from Puerto Rico and  has been designing jewelry since 2004. She enjoys mixing vintage component with modern styles while keeping her pieces suitable for women and teens

Attention to details, craftsmanship, satisfied customers and top notch customer service are my pride~ Jennifer DV.

You will enjoy a  beautiful combination of brass, ceramic, sterling silver, crystals, cultured pearls, gemstones, wood, stainless steel, Venetian glass and semi-precious stones. 

In 2014 she created her Men's Collection with a unique eclectic sophisticated style. All pieces are cutting edge, elegant and full of attitude. Handmade using high-quality leather materials.

Her exclusive and luxurious jewelry have been included in exclusive events for the NFL wives and other highly prestigious corporations. 

In collaboration with The Artisan Group, DTailsULike by Jennifer DV, jewelry has been included in giftings for :

  • Celebrities swag bags for the 2016 Prime Time Emmys, MTV Movie Awards, and Golden Globes  at GBK's Production Luxury Gift Lounge. * Neither DTailsULike, nor The Artisan Group are officially affiliated with The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (The Emmys or The Primetime Emmys, MTV Movie Awards or Golden Globes)
  • TV Series Stylists: Jane the Virgin, Pretty Little Liars, Baby Daddy, The Fosters, Law & Order SVU, The Vampires Diary, The Originals, Brian Dead, UnReal, and The Good Wife.
  • Films stylists: What happened last night, Normal People Scares Me too, Chocolate City 2.

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    One curious fact about DTailsULike is that Jennifer DV created the name using her view of jewelry and combining her family initials. For her, jewelry is an important, sparkly, D'Tail to enhance your natural beauty. It has her last name initial (D), her husband last name initial (T), and her son's initials (UL) that is the reason for so many capital letters on DTailsULike!

    DTailsULike mission is to serve and help you to find or create something to pamper yourself or give as a one of a kind gift. Jennifer DV vision is to help you feel sensational, unique and beautiful.

    10% of DTailsULike annual sales goes to charities that serve people with autism. All our sales support therapies and services. They have donated to Alianza de Autismo de Puerto Rico, Autism Chalk Festival, Kindling Studios, and Celebrate Autism.