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Pearls for Autism

Feel the exhilaration of watching the birth of your very own pearl. 

This collection is all about the thrill and excitement of watching the birth of your own pearl. You can even get twins or triplets! Talk about value for the price. Our Cultured Freshwater Pearls measure anywhere from 5-9 mm in size.

Each oyster/ pearl is crafted by Mother Nature, each one is unique. It's a surprise.  Each cultured pearls are unique in their color or color combination. Can you feel it? 

An excellent gift for a loved one. I can assure you she is dying to have this experience. 

Live show -  Book NOW!  - Watch the birth of your unique pearl  

Live Game Show- Book NOW - 

after you complete your order I will coordinate the best date for you. 

For unique ready to use, pearl jewelry check our collection, all are Freshwater Cultured Pearls or Swarovski Crystal Pearls.

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